International Collaborations

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On top of international collaborations set up during European projects, organization of Conferences, ISO works, and Lectures, 3 strong partnerships have been established with:
University of Crete (Greece)
Thanks to the generous funding by the European Commission (ERA Chairs HORIZON-WIDERA-2022-TALENTS-01), the University of Crete will enhance its capacity building in the field of Digital Humanities. A new Center of Excellence will be established in Rethymnon: TALOS, named after the ancient robot/guardian of Crete. The activities of the Center will be led by Professor Christophe Roche, who has committed to put his long standing experience in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Humanities to the service of the UoC for the duration of the project (2023-2028).
University of Liaocheng (China)
Collaboration with the Computer Science Department of the Liaocheng University started in 2012. It concerns Terminology and Ontology about: I) Research Projects; II) Co-supervision of PhD students; III) Post-graduate courses on Terminology, Ontology and Knowledge Representation, Digital Humanities.
Creation of a new research center at University of Liaocheng. The KETRC (Knowledge Engineering & Terminology Research Centre) was launched on November 5th 2017 in collaboration with Prof. Roche Christophe (University Savoie Mont-Blanc, France) awarded in 2017 by the Talent Program of the Shandong Province.
University NOVA of Lisbon (Portugal) 2006-2022
Collaboration with the Linguistic Research of the University NOVA of Lisbon (CLUNL) started in 2006. It was about Terminology and Ontology. It includes: I) Research Projects; II) Co-supervision of PhD students; III) Lectures on Terminology, Ontology and Knowledge Representation at Master and PhD degree; IV) Organization of Conferences.

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