Structures of Research
Head of the Condillac Research Group on « Terminology & Ontology » – LISTIC Lab. University Savoie Mont-Blanc (France). Created from the Condillac Research Group in Knowledge Engineering at the University of Savoie (Equipe de Recherche Technologique Condillac No. 20032288, French Ministry of Research), Condillac is today an international research group whose interests concern Terminology and Ontology, and, in a more general way, the links between Language and Knowledge.Condillac is in charge of the organization of the TOTh International Conference on Terminology and Ontology.

Dean of the KETRC Research Center on « Knowledge Engineering and Terminology », University of Liaocheng (China). The KETRC was launched on November 5th 2017 in collaboration with Prof. Roche Christophe (University Savoie Mont-Blanc, France) awarded by the Talent Program of the Shandong Province. The main domains of interest of the KETRC are Knowledge Engineering (Artificial Intelligence) and Multilingual Terminology with a particular interest in Digital Humanities and ISO Standards.

Domains of Research
My main domains of interest are about Terminology as a scientific discipline, Ontology coming from Knowledge Engineering taking into account philosophical and logical principles, and about combining both into a new paradigm of Ontoterminology (a terminology whose conceptual system is a formal ontology).
Ontoterminology is based on a new Concept Theory of Terminology (C.T.T.) relying on consistent epistemological and logical principles.
Ontoterminology is involved into several projects and applications, either research or industrial: e.g. multilingual ontology-oriented terminology, multilingual semantic search engine, content management system, ontology-oriented thesaurus.
The « Naming the Things » project aims to gather people coming from different disciplines interested in applying terminology and ontology to their domains, e.g. Digital Humanities.

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